The Best Destination Engagement Shoot / Banff National Park, Canada

Lets start with this, Canada is one of the most beautiful places on earth, more specifically, Banff National Park. Everyone sees pictures of Canada on social media, on the web, pretty much anywhere. But once you see this place in person, its a whole different experience. 

Anyways, this whole trip was planned out by Oxxie & Slava. They recently got engaged and we decided, why not go up to Canada and take one of the best engagement photos anyone has seen and thats what happened. Got our flights and off we went. 

Now onto the locations we went to. We spent most of our time in Banff National Park. You can literally look to your left and right and see just marvelous views. But there was the well known Moirane Lake, Lake Louise and anywhere along the roads. We tried to see everything. 

Im going to keep this short, we went to Banff National Park and took some AMAZING AMAZING photos! 

Hope you guys enjoy the photos. Please share the blog! Love you all 

P.S if you have a chance GO TO CANADA! ITS THE BEST


Shout out out to a new friend we met, wornleathermedia , thanks for showing us the best places!