Bay Area Bridal Session / Mt Tam, CA

Engagements are pretty great. Weddings are lovely. But Bridal Sessions, or second day shoots as some people call them, are so much more fun and intimate. Imagine going to your favorite location a day or week after your wedding in your wedding dress for a dreamy little shoot. There’s no stress, no need to think about the wedding day, it’s just you and your loved one enjoying the day, officially being a married couple. 

If you have a chance to do it, take it! This is where some of the best creative photos happen! Especially if you didn’t have a lot of time during your wedding day to capture pictures of you two together because you were being mindful of your friends and family, this type of session is 100% you and your better half only!!! 

Even if you got married a couple months ago, or last year and still have the wedding dress, I don’t see why you can’t make this happen. Pick a dream location and go take some amazing photos. You won’t regret it.