Beautiful Hike to Horsetail Falls in Lake Tahoe

Hello! Hello HELLO!! Hope all is well with everyone. I have been in a killer mood lately. Been hustling and working harder then I ever have before. It's been enjoyable.

This adventure is from summer of 2016 and I only now just posted. Sad I know but it's ok, it still got posted. This trip was to horse tail falls in the Sierra, a little before South Lake Tahoe. It was a hike we did up to a waterfall but we didn't really make it up all the way cause it was longer then we thought. So we just got as high as we could and took a small break. Such a break taking view. But hope y'all enjoy:)

At this point of the hike we were pretty much at the main area of the waterfall where it breaks down to a smaller creek. Long story short it's beautiful. One of the things I truly remember is the sound of the water crashing down.

And here we are. We didn't know there was an easier way up this way cause the way we did it was, we literally climbed up the rocks, made us feel like professional rock but the view was amazing.

I've been truly hustling and working my ass off getting so much done! It's actually been awesome. Really knowing the true meaning of hustle keeps a smile on my face and knowing that staying happy is truly the answer to everything, there's almost no reason to be negative in life.

" Patience......Everybody young wants it too fast " - @garyvee