Best Washington Adventures!

Hello washington. Can i come back? you're beautiful and i haven't seen enough of you. 

The fact that I miss a place other then California is weird but what are you going to do about it, Washington is a beautiful state no questions about it. Theres just sooooo much to see. Four days being there was not enough but ill be back soon enough. 

First off, Just wanna thank my lovely cousins for hosting me and giving me a place to stay at their home, Will always be thankful for that. 

So lets start. Flew in Thursday night, got picked up and the first place we went to was of course a coffee shop in Kirkland. Lovely place, totally forgot the name of it, But all the coffee shops we went to, while I was there, were pretty amazing. 

Next day was a a hike day. We went to the beautiful Rattlesnake Ridge. Even though its all up hill and a bit of long hike up, it is defiantly worth the view! The View on top of Rattlesnake Ridge and then finished the day watching the sunset at the very popular Alki Beach. 

The next day we spent the day near the Oregon/Washington Coast and went to check out Seaside in Oregon. Let me tell you, when the sun comes out for the Oregon people near the coast, everyones at the beach. 

And so the weekend was coming to an end and I still wanted to see a waterfall before I fly back home. Sunday morning we woke up early and drove out to check out Franklin Falls. Its a small, very family friendly hike to the falls. I would highly recommend getting there in the morning. As we were walking back to the car, it was very noticeable that it was getting crowded fast. 

We ended the day celebrating my cousins birthday at the park around some of his close friends and some amazing bbq. Steak from Costco is pretty bomb. Highly recommend.

And so here is the end of this amazing journey of mine in Washington. Beautiful places to see, great weather and better company. Even though I didn't realize explore the city that much or explore the tasty food. I got to see what I wanted to see. So when I go back now, Ill just explore some more.  

Cheers Washington and readers.