Best Waterfall in California / McCloud Burney Falls

Hello Hello, welcome back once again! This time we headed up north near Shasta, CA to check out a few waterfalls that were relatively close to one another. Before I mention the waterfalls, I have to say that the drive heading towards Mount Shasta is incredible!

The first waterfall we went to was called McCloud Falls. It’s a three tier waterfall, meaning there are three different waterfalls as you go up the trail. By the way, the hike itself to each waterfall is not long at all. To get to the third waterfall or the upper fall, apparently it’s another 30 minute hike away from the second one. We didn't realize that there was a third waterfall at the time so we didn’t hike there. We couldn't get to it anyways because the trail we were on didn't lead there. Oh well. The ones we ended up seeing and taking photos of were pretty cool.  

Onto the next waterfall which is a 45 minute drive from McCloud falls, McArthur Burney Falls. One word, Breathtaking. So much so, that one of the images I took here turned out to be one of my most liked photos on Instagram! (Which was a pretty special moment for me at that current time.) No wonder this was a hot spot for Instagram photos. Fun fact about Burney Falls, it’s California’s second oldest State park. Kind of neat, right?

Anyways, enough writing for me. I hope you enjoy this small series of photos. Plan a trip to these two waterfalls if you haven't already done so. You will not regret it. It’s an incredible place to go.

And thats that. A quick little blog post from the trip. Just a great day overall. But ill have to say, one of the special moments we had was getting tacos on the way back home. Los Gordos Taqueria in Redding is THE BEST period. This is the place to go if you're passing Redding. 

Thanks to @_kalashnikov_ for coming along with me on this trip. Give her insta some love. 

Until next time, Much love