Carmel Beach, Monterey Adventure

One of the most beautiful locations in Northern California, Monterey. Monterey will always have a place in my heart. The vibe, the fresh air, the whole area, especially Carmel Beach, is beautiful. 

Anyways, our first stop was to Point Lobos, a State Natural Reserve. It’s a state park which means there is a small entrance fee, but it’s well worth it. There was a small incident while we were there. Apparently, you're not allowed to be in certain locations near the water on the rocks because we got stopped by one of the volunteers working there who told us that if we were to be caught by a park ranger, they can fine us for scaring the wildlife, which I had no idea was even a thing, but it’s a precaution they follow to promote health and wildlife. But other than that, it’s worth the stop.

Up next, Carmel beach. We pretty much went there for the sunset but we were a bit early so we walked up and down the beach and got a few shots here and there. Just a relaxed last few minutes before the sunset, which by the way, was marvelous, as always. 

We finished the day by having dinner at Monterey Fish House. Amazing place and delicious, quality sea food. Best seafood in Monterey.

  Model - @_kalashnikov_                                                                                                       Camera / Lens - Canon 5d Mark 3 w/ Sigma 35 1.4                                                           Location - Point Lobos State Natural Reserve & Carmel Beach, Monterey, California