Half Moon Bay and California Coast Adventures

It's time to finish editing previous adventures and weddings and start new ones. I get a tingling feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking about future plans. It's a relief to not have school in the back of your mind! But anyways, enough of that, here's a cloudy adventure at Half Moon Bay and Mt Davidson. Getting a bit of clouds really set the mood for the day, complete with smiles and giggles ;)

Oh I forgot to mention! This is Oxxie and Ollie, we have been friends for two years now, I think....

Anyways we're all about venturing and we all finally got the chance to go on a road trip together, YEARS LATER! It's ok, I guess we were too cool for them, but we finally got on their level ;D

So what's next you ask ? Yup more adventures, more smiles and more photos. I'm gonna keep the outro short...

Continue loving yourself, make others smile, be kind, be loving. :)

Shout out to my personal photographers @slavatheshrimp @oxxiee @ollieshmoly for not letting me feel left out in the story!

See you next time!!!