Couple Session at Phantom Falls in Oroville

This was a very spontaneous trip I took with two of my favorite love birds to a very remote falls. Phantom Falls, in the mountain top of Oroville. This was just a casual trip to check out the mountain and also it was a super nice day outside since it’s been raining almost every day. 

So the hike starts at the parking lot they have which is a bit small so maybe get there a little early if anything but we went on a Saturday and it wasn’t too bad but it filled up quick. After that there’s no real sign or trail that leads to the waterfall, we just ended up following others and heading to the direction that seemed legit. So after an hour or so we get to the waterfall, smaller than we expected but it was lovely. We spent some time just relaxing and I was just getting some shots of them two being cute and all. 

Overall it was a good, chilled out day. Crazy thing is, the next day when we were back in Sacramento, we saw on the news that they were evacuating Oroville because they thought the dam was going to break cause the lake itself was overflowing. That night people started leaving the town. Officials just wanted to make sure in case it actually happened, everyone would be safe. Good news, the dam stayed together and nothing terrible happened.

Hope you enjoy the blog!