Point Reyes Adventures with Marissa

California was hit with a record rainfall in the beginning of 2017 and many places couldn't handle so much water in a short period of time. Places like hwy 1 and 50 in the sierra were hit so hard that part of the road completely broke off. For the next few months Cal Trans is stuck fixing all the damages and I'm stuck finding new places to travel to. But that's not a terrible thing to be honest. Open doors to explore new places.

So right after one of the first major storms in California, me and my best friend Marissa went up to Point Reyes. It's been a few months since we've gone up there so I wanted to refresh my memory of such a gorgeous place. The way there, as we thought, few areas were flooded that we had to slowly drive through. But it wasn't a big deal. So we just continued on, stopping by the old ship break and then to the lighthouse.

Point Reyes. The most calming part of the bay area ill have to say. I would even say that people that come to California for the first time should definitely have Point Reyes on top of their list, for all us locals, its probably the best place to go to chill out and take a nap but i might be wrong cause you can go anywhere along the coast to chill out cause everyone knows, West Coast Best Coast. 

Always and forever will be my favorite adventure buddy, @marissacarmona_ . Just good vibes with her. 

Until next time, Im signing out. Take care of each other.