Cloudy Beach Engagement Shoot in Golden Gate Park & Point Reyes

Have you ever planned a day out and just expected everything to work out perfectly with nothing bad happening? Well besides having a blast shooting my brothers engagement, we hit a few bumps in the road here and there. 

First off, the day started off lovely; there was beautiful weather outside and traffic wasn't too bad. We started shooting at Golden Gate Park, since it was a quiet area with lots of shade and trees to block the sun. We shot around for about an hour or two and planned to head to Point Reyes for a few beach photos at Drakes Beach. 

This is where the fun started. 

We decided it would be a good idea to go around the traffic and take the coastal HWY 1 route. What we didn’t know was that the drive towards Muir Beach was closed off. (Thanks Google Maps for telling me.) Now we had to head back up the hill with the super curvy road, which made my brother a bit nauseas. 

We finally got to Point Reyes and came up to the turn towards Drakes Beach when behold, the road is closed! YAY!!! I quickly thought of some things we could do to get a couple sick photos before the sun set. We headed up near the Point Reyes Lighthouse and as soon as we got out of the car, the wind just blew everything away. It was really really windy. The Miss was wearing a long dress and it was blowing everywhere! It was intense. 

So we left the place in search of a new location around Point Reyes and everywhere I tried to go, the wind was there, strong and mighty. I knew this was going to be very difficult to shoot but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to shoot in such an amazing place. So I drove into an entrance towards one of the beaches, and luckily, along side of the road was this lovely landscape with a decent view of the beach. It had to be done. I told them to be ready, I got my camera set up and waved at them to come running out. (By the way, it was still really, really windy and it got really cold, really fast. So we had maybe 10 minutes until everyone froze!) I told them to come out of the car, put them around a certain area and told them to just love each other, comfort each other and just think about each other. It helped. In that quick 10 minutes, we shot some of my favorite photos from the shoot. It was worth ever second of bearing the cold and 25 mph winds! 

 Camera / Lens - Canon 5d Mark 3 w/ Sigma 35 1.4                                                          Location - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco . Point Reyes, California