Santa Cruz Beach Adventures

California, a state that's just full of surprises. One morning you wake up and the clouds cover the blue sky and bring a lonely quiet mood for the day, and the next day you wake up with the sun blinding you. Honestly, it never gets old and I love it.

The night before, we got a call from our buddy, Jenny asking us (me and Slava) if we were down to go down to the ocean and do some shooting. She mentioned she was bringing some of her friends to model for us. We were down - no questions asked. Anyone that is down to do a road trip and model is always a plus.

We charged our batteries, cleaned our cameras, formatted our cards, packed our bags and off we went.

After about three hours of driving, we made it to Santa Cruz. We didn’t bother stopping by the city so we continued the drive. Just outside of Santa Cruz there was a field of bright yellow flowers.

Pulling over was a must for some insta bangers. Insta bangers is a word taken from Ben Brown, a U.K vlogger I watch on youtube. It basically refers to photos that are so perfect they're Instagram approved. And no, Americans should not be saying it, it just doesn’t sound right, but it's so fun to say. We spent the whole day saying it.

Anyways, the lovely field of flowers was beautiful but something not so lovely happened - it was pretty muddy. Like really wet, deep, mud - all of our shoes were pretty much ruined. We spent maybe 30 minutes afterwards cleaning off our shoes.

Bye-bye yellow flowers, please do something about the mud. Sincerely, Everyone.

Usually when road trips like this happen, it's me @slavatheshrimp and @timothysir, but in this case, Tim had made his own plans and our friend @daveedko joined us instead. Besides, we needed more man power with 6 girls around; needed to make a decent guy to girl ratio.

I've learned that David is one of the most kind-hearted, super chill guys you will ever meet. The whole trip and the adventure seemed so natural to him. When we got to the beach, he was so relaxed and I'm pretty sure he was writing songs in his head. Yes, he makes his own music and he sings, which is pretty bad ass.

Anyways, keep living the dream dude.

As I mentioned before, Jenny was bringing a few of her friends along who were willing to model for us, which was awesome of them. Joining the action was Jenny, her sister Anna, Keek, Emily, Mikayla and Maggie. Yup 6 girls, told you we were out numbered.

I don’t want to go into detail about each and everyone of them but they were all awesome. Even though, for some of us, it was our first time meeting each other, it seemed like we knew each other for a while. It was pretty awesome of them to be willing to model for any kind of shot we envisioned. Anything from walking through slippery mossy rocks to getting completely soaked, they did it all. True MVP’s. Thank you once again ladies, and it was a pleasure meeting you all.

It's always a lovely experience going on a road trip with new people. The whole trip just feels different. A good different. We ended the day at the beach with just a beautiful sunset. Then we headed to downtown Santa Cruz where we grabbed dinner at Pizza My Heart. A lovely local place with delicious pizza. Everyone was pizza-happy and I was ready for some coffee. What better place than the place that stole my heart, Mr. Toots Coffee House?!

Overall, the day was super chill and adventurous. With school as my top priority right now, I'm a bit sad. So I do the only thing I can do, and dream of the weekend, where the next adventure awaits.

If you came this far, thank you for reading it all. You're too kind. Follow everyone I mentioned here on instagram, they're great story tellers and lovable people.

Until next time, PEACE!!

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