Sierra Mountains Adventures at Sardine Lake


Welcome to a journey far far away where we take a trip to 4000 ft to a magical place called Sardine lake, I mean Banff national park in Canada.

It was Slava's 21st birthday in 2 days and we wanted to celebrate it a little earlier. Me and Slava haven't been up to Sardine lake so our buddy Tim, who was also with us, suggested that we give the place a try. During our long drive we decided to pull over a couple of places that seemed like they worth a look.

Our first stop was this small park that led to a path towards the creek. During the walk we noticed a small bridge passage that crossed the creek, inside of it there was a bunch of cool art written on the wooden walls, the sun peaked through cracks from the wood which made some cool photos!

We made it boys and girls! Welcome to sardine lake. Ok so our initial thought was man does this place look like Banff national park, the water was super blue, super green all around the lake but the mountains were dry of snow. Sadly. But when we got to the top it got super windy.

The view from the top, unbelievable. So Sardine Lake is actually two lakes, lower and upper lake. The color of the water was another amazing thing to see, the mountains, the brush, the lakes, EVERYTHING! It was a deep breath of fresh air while up there. It was a great feeling.