Snowy and Cold Sly Park Adventure

Christmas was chill, family is amazing, friends are lovely. Happy holidays to you all.

Hope you had delicious food on your tables because I know I did, shout out to my mom for cooking food. Overall, I feel like this holiday season was full of smiles and super chill nights. The day after Christmas it was a snow day. Apparently, it's snow day for everyone in California heading to Tahoe! Anyways, traffic sucked so we pulled over to Pollock Pines, grabbed some Taco Bell, (cause there were grumpy people in the car) and off to Sly Park we went. I was really surprised with how much snow there was. It was a white Christmas!

We went to this back road that eventually lead to a small pond. The climb down was rough and with my shoes I was definitely not prepared for the snow. I knew my toes were going to get frozen.

It's nice to be behind the camera and take pictures of the beauty around us, but it's always nice to have fun in front of the camera every once in a while. I don't usually get a chance to be side by side with my best friend @slavatheshrimp . (PS: if you need new profile pictures, holla at yours boys.)

After a long walk back up to the road, Slava cutting his leg, and people getting stuck on the road due to black ice, we headed back. Speaking of ice, we almost got stuck too! People in front us kept getting stuck and it took about 30 min just to get out. We would have gotten yelled at by those with AWD cars but it's all good, we showed them who's boss with my awesome Camry.

This was my third trip to snow this winter season and it's surprises me every time I go. It brings back so many childhood memories because my family would always take a trip up to the mountains and go sledding as a kid. Even though my toes froze a bit, it was a great adventure. Shout out to Esther, Ally and Slava for all coming along

Over and out, see y'all next time.