Long Black Dress Sunset Beach Photoshoot

I’m thrilled to share some of the photos I took during a small creative beach session I did in Half Moon Bay, CA. 

For the shoot my main focus was to play around with the setting sun and the black dress, which really compliments the figure of the body, the setting sun really helped bring out the rich softness of the skin. For the most part I just worked with the surrounding area of the beach to fit the mood of the shoot. The last part of the shoot with the golden textured rock really helped compliment the softness of the skin, it balanced everything out quite well. 

Overall it was a fun spontaneous trip to the ocean. It was definitely something different than what I usually do but I can honestly say it was a lot of fun and I’ll be looking back at this shoot to really help myself know what to do better next time and how to execute a shot a lot better. The main thing I can say I wish I did better was have an assistant with me holding a reflector to get the left side of the body well exposed, it would of created a very beautiful image that really could of stood out. But like I said, there’s always room to look back and learn from your mistakes