The Best Waterfalls In California.

I have been to a handful of waterfalls in California and let me tell you one thing, there is no such thing as a bad waterfall. Every single place I've been to has been pretty amazing. I am going to keep it short and provide any tips I can on how to get there or any bits of info I can provide. 

Also my friend Anjo ( @_kalashnikov_ ) has been with me at almost every waterfall, so thats why she's in almost every single photo. 

1. McArthur–Burney Falls 

This is simply my favorite one and quite a popular place for a lot of other people. Its about 3 and half hours away from Sacramento and getting there is super easy. Its a public place so the access is straight forward. Just google maps the name of the location and it'll take you straight there.


2. McCloud Falls. Upper and Lower.

While you're in the area where Burney Falls is located, I would check out this little gem. Its right around the corner of Burney Falls and it would be perfect quick stop to hit. Its more of a simple waterfall and it takes a bit of walking but its a cool little place to check off the list. 

3. HorseTail Falls in the Sierra

Ok this is more a challenging one. First off, Its right near the freeway so it can easily be missed so keep your gps open when you're coming close to it. It is day parking so bring cash, I dont remember the exact amount for the cost of parking but bring 20 in 5s just in case. 

Secondly come early, Its going to be long walk and bring plenty of water and just follow the trail, the paths or the creek itself and just go up. We technically, when we went, didn't reach the very very top but we got pretty far up. But as soon as you get to main part of the falls, you're practically there. Enjoy the views, enjoy the fresh air and be safe. Its an amazing hike. Also its another one of top favorites. 

4. Mossbrae Falls

Ok, Mossbrae Falls, kind of hard to figure out how to get to the actually place but its pretty easy once you figured it out. You can just ask me and I can sketch out the exact path on google maps. 

Theres a little parking area near the intersection. its parking for Hedge Creek Falls. Thats where you'll park. Then you walk SW down Dunsmuir Ave until you hit a street called Scarlett Way, its downhill so its easy to see. Once you hit that turn, stay a little quiet cause technically you're not supposed to be in that area. Stay quiet and you'll be fine. Keep on the paved road until you hit the bridge and the railroad track. Turn right on the railroad track and just follow it for a mile or two until you see the falls on the right side. But yea, Enjoy it! Its pretty neat. 

5. Sly Park Waterfall. 

Ez pz Location. Short little hike to falls itself. Follow the path and you'll get there easily in about a mile. 

6. Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park

One of the BEST waterfalls and locations you can see and go to. If you havent been here yet please please go. Its beautiful. 

7. Vernal Falls. 

Bring your comfy walking shoes, bring lots of water cause this walk is all UP HILL. Its not bad but getting to the waterfall is all up hill. Its a pain. But if I could do it while being sick with a stuffy nose then I'm sure you'll be ok to do so also. Its a lovely hike. Take some time and check it out. 

Theres usually a lot more water flow, but I guess it depends on the time of year you go. 

But yea. That is my list and the waterfalls I personally have been to. Lots of wonderful places to see. Make yourself a free day, make plans and get yourself to one of these places. You won't regret it. 

Heres a few more honorable mentions. 

8. McWay Falls in Big Sur. 

9. Nevada Falls. This waterfall is past Vernal Falls. You have to continue the hike up and the signs and path will lead you there. 

10. Illilouette Falls

Next up, The best waterfalls in the PNW. See you then! 

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