Yosemite National Park Sunsets and views

I wont say much about yosemite national park in this blog but ill do quick journal of it. 

First of all. Just go before the winter season. Right now is probably one of the best times to go. And once you do go, go up to glacier point or taft point. They're probably the best spots and places to go in Yosemite. The valley is cool and all but on a weekend, it gets very crowded and you spend most of your time stuck in traffic. A week day is highly suggested. 

But yea, thats all I really wanted to say in this blog. Wanted to keep it nice and short. 

Hope all is well with everyone. Take care of each other. 



Models : @miriam__davidyuk & @karina_zhurko

Also check out the shoes Im wearing. Sperry 7 Seas. Pretty sweet pair of sneakers.