I'm a full time Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Sacramento, CA. I love traveling, road trips and anything that allows me to be outside and explore new places. I spend more or less of my time in the office editing or at the gym, but when there's an opportunity to explore a new place, I take it. 

I've been a professional photographer since 2013. I've come across all types of photography but one of the few things that make me smile and make my heart race is seeing two people in love. The first wedding I attended I got the chance to second shoot for a good friend of mine. Seeing the love the couple toward one another on their special day made my whole body tingle. It's truly a special feeling to have the privilege of watching and capturing two hearts become one.  

I’d love to hear your story. Let us go on an adventure and capture something that will be remembered together.


Fill out the form below for the best way to get in touch with me or email me directly at eugenedavidyuk@gmail.com

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